Advent Day 16: Sergio Agüero-ooooooooooo and the greatest moment of Premier League history

By Lewis Steele

The Italian Mario Balotelli has the ball on the edge of the box. The brains of Manchester City fans have delved through the archives of cliché’s about ‘Typical City’ – the club that always builds up to let fans down. It was happening again. Roberto Mancini’s side have never won a Premier League title, but a recent surge of money has led City right to the top. But, not quite, ‘Typical City’ have surely messed it up again – all they had to do was beat Queens Park Rangers to guarantee a first Premier League title, but the score is 2-2. 93 minutes and 15 seconds are on the clock, it’s surely over – how would City fans ever be able to show their face in the office? Will this go down in history as the worst failure of Premier League history?

No, no, no. No it would not. ‘Typical City’ as a jive was killed forever* thanks to a typical Argentine forward, Sergio Leonel Kun Agüero.

Now, read this next bit and try and imagine the sound effect you see on overly dramatic movies, usually ones involving Jason Statham or Liam Neeson, of a heart beating slowly. Spoiler alert: said hypothetical movie is a blockbuster.

Balotelli, the king of dramatic moments – sometimes for the wrong reasons – skewed the ball through to Agüero, one of three strikers on the pitch in Mancini’s full-throttle approach. Agüero, like a typical Argentina, head down, bulldog like approach, knocked the ball past the sliding Nedum Onouha and released a venomous attempt. Paddy Kenny, bless him, the defiant Paddy Kenny who had just played the best game of his career, was beaten.


I described the moment as something from a blockbuster movie, but that doesn’t illustrate the half of it. The Agüero goal was like nothing any script-writer could ever come up with. If it was proposed to a producer it would get laughed away due to it being too far fetched. But, that is what the Premier League is all about – excitement.

Martin Tyler extended the ‘O’ of Agüero for a full four seconds, which is an extremely long time in television. To be fair to him, he did well not to mess up. You couldn’t have blamed Tyler if he froze on the spot and choked on his words, but he illustrated the moment with perfection, and it still sends shivers down the spine to now.

That moment was over seven years ago now, but you can still look back on it and recall every detail.

One of the most iconic scenes from that day may be Sergio Agüero wheeling off in celebration, swinging his shirt around in a similar fashion to them people you see in night clubs on a Saturday evening. The background was a sea of blue – City fans in euphoria – some crying, some jumping, some just in shock. The shirt he had on that day was number 16.

It was the most iconic Premier League moment, so picking Agüero for our number 16 was an easy decision.

Seven years on, Agüero is well into the coveted 100 club, he’s City’s all time leading goalscorer, and on target to climb further up the Premier League all time scorers charts.

When we look back on his era in the Premier League in a decades or so time, we may just remember him more for his first few seasons, where he won number 16, than his latter, injury-prone years.

Whatever happens from here, Agüero has to go down as one of the best strikers of the Premier League era, and he gave us the best moment of the leagues’ history.

Gracias por todo Sergio.

*Disclaimer: ‘Typical City’ is not dead and as a City fan myself, I am upset I even proposed the idea, so apologise. The club still managed to beat Barcelona and draw to Middlesbrough in the same week, and lose to Wigan before beating Arsenal (twice) and Chelsea in the following fixtures.

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