5WF Crest of the Week: Carolina Dynamo’s stateside nod to Sherwood Forest

Welcome to a weekly feature on 5WFootball, where we will look at some of the best crests in football. When you think of past teams, the first thought may well be the players, but secondary, the thought turns to the identity: the kit, the crest, the stadium, the fans. The emblem, like many elements in football, is rather cliché like – yes, some look nice, but nobody really knows what they mean. They are the symbol for the passion shared between fans and teams. This weekly feature celebrates the best, from all over the world. Welcome to week 6: Carolina Dynamo.

In the last few weeks we have jetted around the continents from Basque region to Buenos Aires via Tijuana in Mexico. This week, we’re in Greensboro, North Carolina, with Carolina Dynamo, who ply their trade in the fourth tier of American soccer.

See the source image

Familiar? While not a literal steal, the logo is basically Nottingham Forest’s with a few added areas of funky creativity:

See the source image

Neil Macpherson, owner of Dynamo, was (and still is) a keen Nottingham Forest supporter before he decided to emigrate to the USA, so the resemblance is warranted and is not a steal, merely a foreign nod and promotion of the Reds back in Nottinghamshire.

While Carolina Dynamo don’t boast the continental success Nottingham Forest do, they certainly sport an aesthetic logo.

Check back for more weird and wonderful crests this time next week.


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