5WF Podcast E04 – Ray Parlour

Host Andrew Misra is joined by no fewer than six guests in a crammed studio for this festive party edition of the podcast! There’s a couple of new faces, a couple of returning faces and, well, some not so new ones…

As we move into the season characterised by overindulgence, we start with a look back at a largely bygone era of boozing in football. After Lionel Messi bagged two free kicks in one La Liga game last weekend, we raise our own favourite events that have occurred multiple times in one game.
Of course, there’s a dash of trivia to boot.

Guest list: Kieran Ahuja, Joe Davies, Jack Perry, Lewis Steele, Barney Stephenson and (a mostly muted) April Curtin.

5WF Podcast E03: Royston Drenthe

Andrew Misra is joined by Barney Stephenson, Lewis Steele and guest Alex Brotherton for the third episode of the pod. Continuing our technological progression of the first two episodes, we move into a podcast studio this time out. Swanky.

We discuss Luka Modric and the Ballon d’Or, Lewis optimistically suggests an Englishman that could win it soon. There’s also bizarre goals, trademark moves ft. Arjen “cut inside” Robben and a hypothetical situation involving Paolo Maldinin and Jesus Navas crossing a road….

Listen by following the link below!

5WF Podcast E02: Jesper Grønkjær

Andrew Misra is joined by Barney Stephenson and Lewis Steele for the ‘post-pilot’ episode of the pod. Featuring improved sound quality and a swanky jingle!

Hear our bemused reaction to Thiago Motta suggesting a 2-7-2 setup could be the future, which would see the Goalkeeper playing alongside the central midfielders. Aptly located in ‘the Diamond’, we reflect on rogue formations.
We also discuss violence and intimidation in the wake of the Copa Libertadores non-final, and as ever there’s some quiz questions and surprises to boot…

Listen by following the link below!