Meet The Team

It’s always nice to know the writer of what you’re reading on a deeper level, so, come on in and meet the team…

Lewis Steele

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Law graduate that had enough of reading articles about court cases and decided instead to write articles about football. Oil Money FC enthusiast. A penchant for any team who adopts a Barça style of play and loves Sergio Busquets. Style my 5-a-side game on Manuel Neuer but end up as Rob Green v USA 2010. Mastermind chosen subject is Gavin and Stacey.

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Barney Stephenson

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Elder statesman of the group at 23. I’m splitting my time between Hull and Sheffield, studying MA Journalism and decimating defences in the trequartista role for Ospina Colada. Don’t like Leeds, Frank Lampard goals or VAR and I’m still unsure why Phil Brown wasn’t given a crack at the England job in 2007. 

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Kieran Ahuja

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Man Utd fan, MA Magazine Journalism student and Creative Director for 5WF. English Literature graduate – leading to a penchant for eulogising, especially when it comes to traditional centre backs, an underdog story, or a pink kit. What I lack in skill on the pitch, I make up for in aggression. When I’m on the 5W podcast, you’ll know me by my haunting laugh.

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Joe Davies

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Gooner, and fan of all things Harry Maguire and Robert Pirès. Skip or El Capitano, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, of the University of Sheffield Journalism MA 5-a-side team, Ospina Colada. I have worked with FourFourTwo among others, and am editing copy for 5WFootball. Repping North London in a very Northern writing team.

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Andrew Misra

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Liverpudlian. Kloppite. Durham Geography graduate so know my way around the pitch. Worked and travelled through a recruitment office, French ski resort, Southeast Asia and USA before checking if I can still do it on a cold Tuesday night in Sheffield. Studying MA Broadcast Journalism despite applying after the course started. Useful on the counter-attack. Channelling my inner Partridge as podcast presenter.

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