Why are two-footed players so rare and does it really matter?

By Andrew Misra

Sports psychology aside, football is a game predominantly played with your feet. Cheers, Geoff. But really, most of the time it’s predominantly played with one foot. Go to the nearest recreational football ground at the weekend and this will become abundantly clear not just visually, but verbally too.

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Advent Day 2 – Cafu, the man with two hearts

By Andrew Misra

‘Day 2 – Cafu’ has such a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Maybe that’s why he wore the number 2 in the first place…

As is often the case with Brazilian players, Cafu isn’t his real name. Born in 1970 as Marcos Evangelista de Morais in the Itaquaquecetuba municipality in the state of São Paulo, you could forgive him for shortening his name to avoid the kind of tongue-twisting that this sentence has inflicted. The nickname is derived from Cafuringa, a former Brazilian right winger.

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The legacy of Aldyr Schlee, designer of the iconic Brazil shirt

By Kieran Ahuja 

Believe it or not, Brazil haven’t always been the world beaters we know them to be in the 21st century. Back in the 1950’s, there was a national identity crisis when the country lost to their continental neighbours Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup. Brazil hosted the tournament, the first held since 1938 due to World War II. After a convincing qualifying campaign and two high-scoring victories in the final round (7-1 against Sweden and 6-1 against Spain), Brazil went to the final convinced of their imminent victory; newspapers had already printed headlines declaring Brazil’s World Cup win.

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